torsdag den 31. december 2009

But why !? - and happy new year

WHY didn't I buy the Prada stilettos I saw yesterday??? ARGH, they would have been perfect tonight.....well....sigh....


mandag den 28. december 2009

Hot Barbie !

At the moment, there's a battle going on at "Trés Chic Clique". Barbie versus Bratz. I'm all in on Barbie, especially in Christian Louboutins version :)

Buy it here. 

Better late than never

I'm back, after many days of Christmasing. Oh my, I'm looking forward to hit the gym and doing a little detoxing.

I just noticed that the sale has started - a bit later than everyone else it seems, but that christmas eating, does something to the speed....

I desperately want the Louboutin Robot  120 ankle boots, or perhaps the Globe 100 suede boots ?
What do you think? They are both 40% off ....

torsdag den 10. december 2009

Fashion blogger debuts with clothing line

I read Blondinbella on a daily basis. She has one of Sweden's biggest fashion blogs, and ever since she was 14 years old, she has been writing every day. Now she has made a clothing line, called "Classified", and I'm exited about some of the items.

Blondinbella herself, describes the line as "Young, Preppy, Classic but with an Edge".

What do you think?
Classified will hit Bubbleroom on monday.

All info and photos, from Isabella Löwengrip's blog Blondinbella

New DVD's

If you simply can't wait to get some of this years great fashion movies on DVD, you can buy them on my all time favorite Amazon.

tirsdag den 8. december 2009

Paris in the springtime

Came to think about Paris - I saw the city for the first time this summer, and now I dream about seeing it in springtime.

Lux versus Budget

Bourjois Smoky Eyes $12,41 Bourjois Little Round Pot $ 11,90  Christian Dior Eyeshadow $59 

A makeup artist, once told me that Dior makeup and Bourjouis makeup, was made and "baked" the same place, and with pretty much the same ingredients. If this i 100% true, I don't know - but if it is, there is a lot of money to save ;-)

Trendy in the 50's - Trendy in 2009

Shelley Winters in Lolita - 1962

Animal print, has been in fashion, for many years. I remember movies with past years starlets , dressed in animal printed gowns, furs or shoes.
Every 5-6 years, it seems like it is "hip" again. Who can not remember the 90's, where snake skin was the biggest thing, on almost every clothing item you could imagine? Not only natural snake colors, but pink, blue, yellow and green was a hit.
I bought a tight fitted t-shirt, with brown snakeskin - oh my, what a hottie I was.

Donna Reed 1950's

mandag den 7. december 2009

I love lace

Lace has been the "biggy" for quite a while. Everywhere you see, there are items with lace on them. I prefer the good quality, and don't really get why some people really want to wear poorly made clothes or shoes, with lace sewed randomly all over it.... but that's just me perhaps ;-)
I saw these lace'ciousness in french Vogue, and I would LOOOVE to get the Aubade underwear, the Topshop top and off course the Louboutin's ;-)

onsdag den 2. december 2009

Knit it !

I love the thought of knitting my own scarf, hat, snoot, waistcoat or leg warmers/gloves- unfortunately I don't know how to knit ....

See more at Wool and the gang